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Vienna Sightseeing: Top 5 Historical Places

Vienna is the largest and capital city of Austria. There’s a huge range of historical attractions with old classic architecture to enjoy and these 5 Vienna Sightseeing should be on your list when you start Vienna Trip

Hofburg Imperial Palace

Hofburg Imperial Palace is situated in the historical centre of Vienna and it is the previous royal palace of the Habsburg monarchs at Innsbruck. The precise date of the construction is uncertain, even so, the first references go back to the 13th century.

This palace is made up of lots of elements such as 6 museums, a cathedral storing 12 bronze statues of Austrian nobles a national library, a well-known winter riding school, a garden greenhouse that has a huge array of plants and fruit species and there’s also a big park where one can relax. Hofburg is actually the formal residence of the President of Austria.

 The Ringstrasse

The Ringstrasse is a quite extensive avenue that embraces the old area of Vienna. It was constructed in late nineteenth century and proclaimed a quick change in the Vienna’s look and urban scenery. Defensive walls once encircled the centre of Vienna, the walls were built in 1857 and as an alternative a large boulevard, the Ringstrasse, was in fact built and lined with amazing structures, remarkable monuments, and leisure areas. Some of the feature buildings in the Ringstrasse area are the Vienna Opera house, the Rathaus (Vienna Town Hall), University building, the Urania Observatory, and probably the most important Vienna Parliament.


Hundertwasserhaus is an extremely preferred apartment residence located in Vienna in the Landstraße district. Because of the style it has become a hugely popular destination to visit in Vienna and also has a part of Austria’s national heritage. It was constructed in between 1983 and 1986 by architects Peter Pelikan and Joseph Krawina. It is very unique because it consists of undulating flooring surfaces, roof structure with grass and earth, huge trees growing from the rooms,. Altogether there are 52 flats, private terraces, 3 public terraces and 250 trees.

Schönbrunn Palace


Schönbrunn Palace goes back to the middle age and it is a truly wonderful spot to visit. This Palace has been considered as a UNESCO  Heritage site and it is a good example of a baroque  residence ensemble. The property features a range of attractions to enjoy including a remarkably sophisticated palace, a wonderful park with fountains, typical monuments, nice gardens and the oldest zoo in Europe.

The Sisi museum

The Sisi museum is located in Vienna and it is a truly stunning museum which exhibits artwork concerning the history of certainly one of Austria’s famous empresses – Empress Elisabeth, also known as ‘Sisi’. The museum is made up of 6 rooms, which have personal possessions such as her beautiful jewellery and gowns. The museum also displays detailed portraits of the empress and it is spectacular exhibit. Vienna is an extremely pleasant spot to visit and there are plenty of other sights to visit. They could be very easily visited by using Vienna’s substantial transport system.

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