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Top 10 Fun Things to do in Vienna

The Vienna Tourism is not just about the city walking, architecture and music. During your visit in Vienna you can have a lot of fun activities as well. From shopping to Danube Cruising, listed bellow are top 10 fun activities in Vienna.

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Austria Vienna City Info

Vienna is really abundant with historic value that, in 2001, its centre was announced a UNESCO Heritage Site. Known as the Innere Stadt, centre is the section of city best traversed by vacationers. In the south western part of Innere Stadt is Hofburg, the previous royal palace of the Habsburg monarchs. Nowadays, it’s the area of the most of the city’s museums. The Ringstrasse is really number of which circles the Innere Stadt. Going around the roads of the Ringstrasse offers visitors glimpses of many of Vienna’s most appealing historical structures. Past the Ringstrasse lie the city’s 7 suburbs, the most known being Vorote, Prater, and Belvedere. Although these 3 suburbs possess particular attractions which attract tourists, the rest are mainly just residential areas. [Read more…]

Vienna Sightseeing: Top 5 Historical Places

Vienna is the largest and capital city of Austria. There’s a huge range of historical attractions with old classic architecture to enjoy and these 5 Vienna Sightseeing should be on your list when you start Vienna Trip [Read more…]