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At the Edge: Pucha, Austria

Who would say something beautiful like this is located at the heart of Europe? The big edges that reveals beautiful panorama view the breathtaking turquoise Alps lakes at the bottom. If you ever planned Austria trip, i bet all you think about is beautiful Vienna, music, architecture and tons of history. If you are a true fan of beautiful nature, think about going a bit south because this is a must place to visit.

Pucha is located in ¬†Lower Austria, placed in the Neunkirchen District located at the south-east of the country. Believe it or not, the beautiful Pucha is located only around 50 miles from Vienna, so be sure not to miss this hidden gem from the Austria Tourism list…


  1. Bryan@GreenGlobalTravel says:

    That is an absolutely breathtaking view. Anyone who loves sight seeing would love this spot. It has a beautiful view of the water, great view of the mountains, and also the surrounding land.

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