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5 Ways to Save Money in Vienna

Vienna is one of Europe’s hidden gems, yet more and more people are beginning to visit and that unfortunately means that prices for tourist are gradually rising. It is still possible to visit Vienna on the cheap, however, and here you’ll find five ways in which it is possible to do so.

The Public Transport

Not only is Vienna’s public transport very very reliable, but it’s also affordable. With underground, trams, buses and railways to choose from, there is always a way to get around. A single ride is cheap enough, at only around €2, but you can make a saving by buying a week-long pass for €14. If you make at least one journey each day, then you’ll have already made a saving!

Buy the Vienna Card

If you’re visiting Vienna then you’re probably planning to visit a few museums. In that case, purchasing the Vienna Card makes a lot of sense.

The card is valid for 72 hours and with it you’ll get discounts or entry to more than 200 attractions or restaurants and can even travel for free in some modes of public transport. It has even won awards as being the best card of all European cities and costs just €19.90.

Cheap Accommodation

Don’t fork out a fortune to stay at a hotel – instead consider renting an apartment to save a whole lot on your stay in Vienna. With a self-catering apartment, such as those available from Oh-Vienna.com, you can enjoy a comfortable stay and an even more private stay than in a hotel, all at just a fraction of the cost.


Food is always where you end up spending more than you’d expected when on holiday and the truth is that you don’t have to eat out every night. If staying in one of the self-catering apartments mentioned above, for example, then you’ll have the option of being able to cook for yourself some nights instead of having to eat out all the time.

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If cooking in, take a look at the famous markets of Vienna, where you can buy fresh fruit, meat and pastries. The city is home to 26 open-air markets, so there are plenty to choose from and there is likely to be one close to you.

Make the most of the architecture


Some of the most beautiful things t see in Vienna won’t be contained within the walls of a museum – the museums themselves are often the star attraction! Vienna boasts some of Europe’s most stunning architecture, from St. Stephen’s Cathedral to the Hofburg Palace. It’s historical architecture like this that inspires modern day contractors like Storm Guard Roofing. And the best part is you can see the outside of these, unsurprisingly, for free! Spend an afternoon with your camera in the Old Town and you’ll see some great sights to grab a photo of without spending a penny.

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